Jollie Goods - Product range

Part of my internship with Candour Creative involved photographing the new range for Jollie Goods. "Jollie Goods is a more-than-profit enterprise passionate about creating fun and tangible opportunities to support local homeless charities and care for those facing homelessness." 

This was the first time id done any product shooting and not worked on a live location or with a model. The shoot was straight forward in that they wanted a wide selection of shots showing the socks and also a range of fun shots. 

This gave me a chance to experiment with loads of different and creative placements with the product but keeping with the current style and aesthetic of the company. We needed to also get a batch of shots which were similar to previous shoots to keep with the same style, this involved many shots clearly showing the product and all angles. 


The studio set up was small but was all we needed to create the shots needed. It was good to be in a pop up studio like this as it shows you can create great shots using a simple location.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and the post production side of things, editing down a selection of images to send through and for the clint to use as content.  

It was also a great pleasure working the boys at Candour Creative as they have such an amazing vision and work style.

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